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Goal:  $10,000

Bnai Emunoh Chabad is a young and vibrant community that is growing quickly. Since our most successful campaign and renovation, last year, of our main sanctuary, many more families have moved into Greenfield.

Our growth was clearly evident when on Shavuot we had over 125 children listen to the receiving of the Torah. Children, adults and seniors and Jewish men and women from all walks of life call Bnai Emunoh Chabad their home.

So as we continue our growth, we have an acute need for more Machzorim, Siddurim, and Chumashim. These are the true books of life.

Our online campaign goal is to procure the needed funds to buy 200 Machzorim, 100 Siddurim and 50 Chumashim. Please partner with us in this vital campaign, and during this time when we each pray to be written in the book of life sponsor a book of life and bring the blessing of life for those you love.
We Thank Our Recent Partners
Eli Wilansky
Yerachmiel Goldszer
Avrohom Rothman
Simchat Tora
Rena Becker
Yisroel King
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